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Mr. Shashank Nanaware had the idea that would become ARCH VIEW ASSOCIATES in 1993, and that year marked the beginning of the company's formation. With the support of his eminent mentors and well-wishers, our firm's co-founder, Mr. Shashank Nanaware, an architect enthusiast, backed with over years of industry experience in a leadership role, decided to chase his dream by establishing a company that is now one of the front-runners in its industry. This happened a short year after the idea was conceived in 1994.

Within the span of a single year, our company was able to accomplish a number of objectives, laying the groundwork for the robust growth that was to follow for ARCH VIEW ASSOCIATES. From our humble beginnings with our first small residential project to delivering large scale colossal "Architectural Projects," "Redevelopment Projects and Consultancy," and "Construction," our company has come a long way. After a few years had passed, Mr. Rahul Nanaware, son of Mr. Shashank Nanaware, joined the organisation and brought with him new ideas and concepts. 

Our one-of-a-kind hallmark has always been a commitment to infuse each undertaking with the ethics, ethos, and values that underpin our organization. As word spread about our commitment to ensuring great design, intelligent space utilisation, and satisfied customers, we began to receive positive feedback. Today, we are still recognised for the same level of dedication that we have always shown towards both our clients and our craft. We are able to work with a wide variety of customers and their projects thanks to our projects, designs, and time commitments.


Our Approach

Because of our signature “out-of-the-box thinking approach,” we are widely recognised as an industry leader by our contemporaries who work in related fields. Over the course of the last ten years, our business has continued to expand, and we have earned a reputation for our honesty and our superior performance in the following areas: new construction, redevelopment projects, redevelopment consultancy,  including Townships, Residential Complexes, Commercial Complexes, Hospitals and Health Care, Hotels and Hospitality, Industries, etc. We have strong relationships not only with major business houses and corporate groups, but also with some of the most prominent architects and consultants, public sector workers and development departments, and public sector undertakings.

Our vast gold mine of talented architects, engineers, and associates across all industry verticals, who together form the solid foundation of this firm, is the source of much of the praise that we receive. We have been able to successfully deliver tailor-made, customised design systems in an effective and efficient manner thanks to their extensive experience in their respective specialised fields, as well as their ability to listen to and comprehend the requirements of the designers and owners, as well as comprehend the physical, administrative, and budgetary constraints for each project.

We are of the belief that even though technological advances, customer expectations, and the standards by which we judge ourselves for excellence are all always evolving, there is one thing that will never change for us


Our Expertise & Skills to All Business


Our Expertise & Skills to All Business

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Rahul S. Nanaware

Chief Operating Officer

Aniruddha J. Shinde

Principle Architect

Adv Sunita Paghe

Legal Advisor

Shrikant Danke

Chief Engineer

Rajiv Patait

Govt. Valuer
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