Team Details

Adv Sunita Paghe

Legal Advisor

Ms. Sunita Page is a highly experienced and accomplished professional in the field of real estate development and law. With more than 23 years of experience in the industry, Ms. Page has completed over 100 redevelopment projects to date, demonstrating her unparalleled expertise in the field.
Ms. Page holds an M.Com degree in addition to an LLM, giving her a unique blend of knowledge and skills that enable her to excel in the complex world of real estate and legal matters. As an impanelled bank representative for major financial institutions such as IDBI and ICICI Vidya, Ms. Page has developed an extensive understanding of the financial and legal aspects of property transactions, making her a valuable resource for clients looking to navigate the complex world of real estate investment.
Ms. Page has a proven track record of providing exceptional legal services to her clients, with a focus on delivering practical and cost-effective solutions. She is highly skilled in litigation and conveyancing, having successfully handled numerous cases on behalf of her clients, and is well-versed in the latest legal trends and best practices in the industry.
Ms. Page’s approach to real estate development and law is centered around providing personalized and tailored services to her clients, ensuring that each client receives the attention and expertise they deserve. She is committed to delivering exceptional results and building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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